Wednesday, August 29, 2007

International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy

The International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy, also known as the IAVH, was founded in Luxembourg in 1986 by a nucleus of veterinarians (or veterinary surgeons) with an interest in homeopathy. The initiative came from The Netherlands (Drs A Westerhuis (NL), Drs J van der Heul (NL) and Drs W Roelofsen (NL). The first President was Christopher Day MRCVS (UK).


Full membership is only open to qualified veterinarians, from anywhere in the world.


The Association was formed to advance the understanding, knowledge and practice of veterinary homeopathy (homoeopathy / homeopathy). It therefore aims to stimulate professional awareness of veterinary homeopathy and to encourage and provide for the training of veterinarians in the practice of homeopathy. It also encourages research. It is an open forum for the various differing approaches to the subject of veterinary homeopathy and its application, allowing for constructive dialogue between differing methodologies.


The Association works closely with and supports national veterinary homeopathic associations. The Association has several committees, each of which has special areas of responsibility. The Association has accredited courses in veterinary homeopathy in many countries, students becoming eligible for the CertIAVH examination. The IAVH has published curricula and standards for education and training in veterinary homeopathy. The association is active in politics affecting homeopathy, homeopathic prescribing and the availability of homeopathic medicines. This activity is currently focused on European Union developments, in partnership with the European Committee for Homeopathy. In addition, experienced members of the Association are working to develop a veterinary homeopathic repertory and a veterinary homeopathic materia medica.

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